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Mindfulness, acceptance, and productivity.

Happy ending?

What is a happy ending? Laughing yourself to death? Dying of a heroin overdose?

Why would anyone want that?

And if you use the more traditional interpretation: you live happily ever after… why would you think the world works like that?

Life only has one definite ending, and it’s probably not going to be happy.

So you need to make your own happiness… You need to be willing to endure short-term pain and suffering to achieve long(er) term happiness…

Mind Fulfillment, an introduction

The Mind Fulfillment section, what is it about? Is it mindfulness? Is it self-help? Is it productivity? What?

I would say, it’s a bit of all of the above. With a bit of acceptance and values/commitment included.

Mind Fulfillment is acceptance, commitment, and productivity wrapped together to form a tool to make your life into what you want it to be.

That’s the short, slogany version.

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Taking control of your inbox with Microsoft Outlook

Why do you need this?

To doIn today’s world, a lot of business communication is happening via email. We do not have time or patience to sit down and talk on the phone, and a lot of people like to have things “black on white” instead of just floating in the air (like with a phone).

This leads to overfull inboxes.

Once your inbox reaches a certain size you start getting anxiety over what actually hides in the pile of musts and to-dos. Did you forget something important? Was there an email from your boss? How about that project that seems to be stuck? Was there a mail from them?

As the anxiety grows your aversion grows with it, and in a worst case scenario, you stop using email altogether. I’ve seen it happen more than once!

I am going to show you a way to keep your inbox empty and at the same time keep track of what emails need attention in what project/from what customer. And all by a press of a button and a drag-and-drop of the email in question.

Well, all you need is an installation of the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook and some time to set it up.

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