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Under the Creative Writing section, I’m posting about my general ideas and findings on the art of writing as well as more specific posts on my writing projects. The Creative Writing topic is also covered on my Swedish site (after all, the current project is in Swedish…)


Here are the pages and links in my creative writing section:

Getting started writing

If you want to get started writing, here are my suggestions for links and other reading material:


The main category for Creative Writing articles is Creative Writing, and the subcategories are:

  • Autobiographical: things about my life… mostly centered around my writing life…
  • Language: about language… alas since my native tongue and the language I’m currently writing in is Swedish, this may be more lacking than an aspiring author should allow…
  • Projects: my writing projects and their (lack of) progress 😀
  • Creativity: the general concept of creativity, not just with respect to writing.

Currently empty categories

The following categories don’t have any articles just yet, but they will get them once I translate some from the Swedish site (so this is a declaration of intent and a big teaser!)

  • The Craft of Writing: articles on “what” to write (or how to write specifically — can get confused with the Writing Process, but hopefully not) from scenes to plots to arcs to themes…
  • The Writing Business: articles on the business of writing (and getting published or self-published) and entrepreneurship, and so on.
  • The Writing Process: articles on how to write (or in fact how I try to do it…)


My current WIP (Work in Progress — for people that write it’s shorthand for the current text project they are working on) has been finished at the first draft and is now undergoing extensive editing. I’ll report continuously on the blog.

What is the book about? When will it be published? Do you have example chapters?

Secret! No clue! Nope…

OK. Seriously.

The category of the book is SciFi — more Space Opera than “my grandma has a psychic dog from Mars that likes to play chess and discuss philosophy while dressing up as my grandpa and performing psychological experiments on the local constabulary.” Most likely there’ll also be a hint of fantasy. (Well, actually not in book 1… there are several… books…)

You can also read more general information about Talkwards here.

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