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Loud Sex

A: Whenever I hear my neighbors having loud sex I always think; get over yourselves! Nobody is having that much fun.

B: Consider the human condition for a moment. Isn’t it likely that by being louder in bed you’re not only able to convince your partner they’re much better in bed than they are, but also yourself that you’re having much more fun than you really are?

A: Get over yourself!

Spare the Rod, Spare the Kid

Twenty-eight years after the complete ban on the physical punishment of children in Finland: trends and psychosocial concomitants.

The decline in physical punishment was associated with a similar decline in the number of murdered children. Respondents who had been exposed to higher amounts of physical punishment than average scored significantly higher on alcohol abuse, depression, mental health problems, and schizotypal personality.

Do your kids a favor. Don’t beat them up…