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Writer’s block or revolting characters?

Tweet from the police’s external command in Södermalm (south of Stockholm):

Translation: Upset cries from apartment worried neighbors. Turned out the person was writing a book and was strongly influenced by the content

My question: was it due to writer’s block or was the characters revolting?

Header image: Attributed to the Nekyia PainterMarie-Lan Nguyen (2011), CC BY 2.5, Link

Happy ending?

What is a happy ending? Laughing yourself to death? Dying of a heroin overdose?

Why would anyone want that?

And if you use the more traditional interpretation: you live happily ever after… why would you think the world works like that?

Life only has one definite ending, and it’s probably not going to be happy.

So you need to make your own happiness… You need to be willing to endure short-term pain and suffering to achieve long(er) term happiness…

Ivanka Trump: personal email account was used for government business – CNNPolitics

Ivanka Trump last year used a personal email account to discuss or relay official White House business, according to emails released by a nonpartisan watchdog group.
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Yeah! Lock her up! Lock her up!

Tennessee lawmaker says pornography is “root cause” of school shootings – CNNPolitics

via Tennessee lawmaker says pornography is “root cause” of school shootings – CNNPolitics

If I was as dumb as Diane Black I’d retort that it’s probably more likely abstinence was a root cause for school shootings… but I’m not, so I’m just going to point out that the wankers that perform school shootings would probably have stayed at home and wanked, had they not gotten their hands (don’t think about where they have been) on guns.