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I love writing, computers, puns... and can sometimes be spiritual, or mindful.

World Building Snafu

I’m spending a couple of hours creating a song I’m thinking might be sung in the story somewhere. It’s really nice, and I even have a translation. Just a few verses but enough to get the job done (after all, I’m not writing a songbook!)

Then I take a step back and realize a problem: the thing is written in the wrong language! These people wouldn’t sing in this language!

Oh, snap!

Fortunately, with the pretty nice translation, and the fact that if I haven’t used the word before, I can bend and twist it to my liking (and my grammar rules will bend and twist right back… yeah yeah…) it wasn’t that hard to make a new “translation”.

Yay for effective writing! (Ok! Ok! But I am having fun! That’s gotta count for something! Right?)


I am of 3/4 Swedish and 1/4 unknown ancestry… however, being a Homo Sapiens I also claim African descent…
I am also curious as to why all actor profiles on IMDB speaks of people’s ancestry… It’s almost worth trying to get into some movie as an extra just to be able to put the above in my own profile… Can you have a profile as a moviegoer? I mean, IMDB is falling apart anyway…