Four keywords to spot a self-lie

Do you lie to yourself?

You probably do. We all do.

Do you know how to spot such a lie?

That may be a bit trickier, but there are four keywords you can be on the lookout for. When they rear their heads you know you’re lying to yourself.

The keywords are:

  • Everybody
  • Nobody
  • Always
  • Never

Whenever these words appear in things you say about yourself you can assume the statement isn’t true.

Statements such as, “nobody loves me,” or “I’ll never be able to get this right” are in almost all cases untrue.

Sure, you may in fact never get that advanced course in quantum physics right… but I refuse to believe anyone is unable to get anything right!

In a philosophical/logical sense, a statement like “nobody loves me” essentially requires that you know what every person in the whole world thinks about you, or doesn’t think about you…

The problem is that your unconscious seems to take these statements at face value, and if you can convince yourself that nobody loves you, your unconscious will start seeping misery into your life just because you were sloppy with words…

These keywords can also appear in things other people say about themselves or someone else. You can assume they are just not true in those cases as well.

When we make statements that can affect how we think about ourselves, such huge concepts as everybody, nobody, always and never, are best remodeled into something less enormous, or simply called out for being untrue!

Burqa Bans

Burqa bans amaze and confuse me!

As far as I can tell we’re talking about a bunch of guys wanting to liberate Muslim women from being forced by a bunch of guys to wear certain clothes… by forcing them not to wear certain clothes.

Color me confused, but where’s the difference?

I’m certain all feminists are enraged about the fact that a bunch of men is making laws about what women are allowed to wear! Heck, that there are laws specifically about women’s clothes at all! Right?

I’m thinking like this: What if I was forced to flee (from Sweden) to another country. And in this country they were nudists… and my clothes pissed them off so much they decided to make clothes illegal…

Maybe I’d acclimatize enough to walk out the door stark naked, but if I was forced to walk out that door naked, I’d probably stay home.

If there has to be a ban, how about a ban on making laws telling women what to wear?

Important question

Day 1

A: I have a very important question for you.

B: Shoot.

A stares intensely at B. After an uncomfortably long period of silence:

B: So what’s the question?

A: Thanks.

B: Eh? What just happened?

A: I was wondering if you could read minds.

Day 2

A: I have a very important question for you.

B: What? If I can read minds?

A: Ah-hah! I knew you were lying yesterday!

Central (c)heating

Cheat-it? Hmmm…

Central heating is like telling your boss your work effort will differ between days. You’ll put a little extra into having weekends and vacations and take a few hours off on work days…


My central “heating:” summers 35°C*, winters 19…


* Not that there’s really anything in place to bring the temperature down… but still…

Psychic reading

Psychic, adjusting the crystal ball: So, I can see here you’re going to have a car accident… in two days turning off I-10… Oh, right… not anymore… because I just told you. Also, your brother will lose a lot of money…. or not… right, you should definitely convince him not to invest all his savings in the soon to be discovered pyramid sales con… and your marriage will be shaky… ah, yeah… good on you… if you just stay clear of the boss’s assistant your marriage will be fine… hmmm… I can see here you’re going to have a depressingly normal life… good for you!

Header image by Sindre Strøm from Pexels, Link

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