Phone company humor

If only phone companies had a bit of humor:

The number you’ve dialed has been eaten by a Grue. Kindly revenge its death!

Or how about spatial confusion:

The number you’ve reached are out of reach. Please try not to reach so far next time…

Anyone remember this TV-show?

Please dial 47 to render the greatest power unto utter desolation!

A Brave New World… With Guns

Gun aficionado: This isn’t about a gun it’s about another insane person.

Right, and people kill people, not guns.

And then, when someone tries to limit (insane) people’s access to guns you’re going to turn around and whine about that being unconstitutional.

Are mass shootings on your agenda or are you just this stupid?

Maybe the agenda here is for people to understand the solution to mass shootings isn’t gun control but homeschooling and internet shopping? Virtual music festivals? Armored cars? Internet dating… literally?

Isn’t it in “Brave New World” where people don’t meet face to face anymore? I am starting to understand why…

Update: Nope! Some other story… In a Brave New World, they just got gene therapy… for starters…

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