Microsoft Usability Digging Bar

When working with Microsoft Software (I’ve been at it for over ten years) you get the feeling their usability statement goes something like this:

Even users with a digging bar thrust through their heads should be able to use our software… which, incidentally is also what it feels like to use our software, so we feel we kind of killed two flies with the same digging bar… hehe…


Riddle: Burning Pasta

A kettle with spaghetti is standing on top of a stove.
The spaghetti are burning at the top end.

Assuming everyone in this kitchen has behaved normally, as far as they can determine. What is the logical explanation for this?

Update: So, after staring at the silent audience for 48 hours, I blink… The wrong hotplate has been turned on, the one the pasta is leaning over when standing in the pot. After enough time the heat makes the pasta burn. In other words, don’t leave the kitchen while cooking pasta. In fact, don’t leave the kitchen while cooking. Period!




– Why X?
– Interesting question? Why do you think X?
– No clue…
– Let’s figure it out… how about if we added Y?
– I added Y once, it didn’t go so well.
– Let’s add Y anyway and see if that is a pattern.
– Your funeral… but sure, let’s wear protective gowns and keep a safe distance and I’m game…


– Why X?
– Because God said so!

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