Post-Truth and Death

Post-Truther: Death sucks! It should be banned!

Second Post-Truther: When the hell is the politicians going to get their shit together and ban death? I mean, seriously?!

Third Post-Truther: I didn’t know politicians could ban death! Wow!

Fouth Post-Truther: WTF?! You can ban death and no one’s doing it? What the fuck is wrong with you politicians!?!

Fifth Post-Truther: You will see my revenge comes next election!

Inappropriate and Arrogant

A: I’m bored! Tell me a joke.
B: I’d rather not.
A: Why?
B: They say my humor is inappropriate and arrogant.
A: Come on! How bad can it be?
B: Don’t say I didn’t warn you…
A: I’ll risk it!
B: Ok. Isaac Newton was studying relativity theory at the University of Boston.
A: And?
B: And one day he met Albert Einstein who was studying quantum mechanics at the same university…
A: Ok?
B: Yeah. There.
A: What?
B: That’s the joke.
A: I don’t get it…
B: Neither did they!

Writing Characters Out of the Show: SOP

In the script workshop:
A: We need to write Bob’s character out of the show.
B: Hey! I have a cool idea! Let’s give him true love and kill him.
A: Wow! I’ve never seen it done like that before!
C: Right, one So Happy Together* coming up…

*And if it doesn’t show; I hate that one… whenever I see characters finding love I’m thinking, ok, one of them is going to die… Whenever they don’t die I’m elated that someone was thinking an original thought…

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