Do you Really Understand Climate Change?

At the doctor’s office

Doctor: We’ve found a shadow on your MRI. We can’t be sure exactly what it is before we operate, and that operation will be painful, but there is a very high risk this is a malignant tumor. You could die!

Patient: What are we waiting for! Let’s act now!

At the IPCC

Scientist: We’ve found some very disturbing links between carbon dioxide emissions and temperature rise. We recommend immediate action, even if that action will be painful. Temperature rise is bad news and there is a very high risk that several hundreds of millions of people will die if we do nothing.

Politician: Let’s wait and see what happens.

Now swap the answers!

Do you trust a politician that has not been able to do what must be done when hundreds of millions of lives are at stake, but will (if they are wired like any sane person) risk suffering to save their own life?

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Talk to the Form

Remember in the old days when someone really rude didn’t want to talk to you? They’d push their hand in your face telling you to “talk to the hand.”

The modern equivalent of this, performed by every company on the web?

Talk to the Form.

You click on the “Start a Chat” button and get a search form. You type your question there and get a search result (duh!) Or you click on links until you reach a dead-end page with some generally worded advice equivalent to “have you made sure the power cable is attached properly?”

And then the company has “satisfied” your needs.

It is soooo great. And ssssoooo cheap.

I’m sure some types of managers are getting their rocks off right now. Good for them.

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