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How About that Mathematical Proof that Women are Evil?

How about that mathematical proof that women are evil? It goes like this:

Women require time and money… (And I have the black eye to prove that’s all that’s needed… oh yeah… moving on…)

women = time \cdot money

Time is money (I’m just not able to find a bank where I can deposit my time, or even less get interest rate on it…)

time = money


women = money \cdot money = money^2

Money is the root of all evil (which actually is pretty nice to money… after all, 4 money only gives 2 evil … or maybe that’s just to say evil is expensive?)

money = \sqrt{evil}

Which means that…

women = (\sqrt{evil})^2

Which then obviously means…

women = evil



I bet you’re the kind of person that didn’t pay attention in math class?

An example:

2^2 = 4

(-2)^2 = 4


\sqrt{4} = \pm 2

Which means that in reality …

women = \pm evil

Women are evil… or not evil… which we kind of already knew without all this math.


Java Lambda Humor

I was experimenting with Lambdas in Java on IntelliJ IDEA… they have a sense of humor.

I was wondering how simple a lambda could get so…

final Supplier<Double> supplier = () -> 1d;
double value = supplier.get();

A lambda (supplier) that produces a number (1) from no input. Pretty simple. What will happen to the code if I refactor supplier to make it an inline expression?

double value = ((Supplier<Double>) () -> 1d).get();

Well… that’s kind of in line with casting and such. Not that nice looking… However, now the IDE tells me I can make a simplification… “Replace method call on lambda with lambda body…” let’s try that:

double value = 1d;

Yeah… hmmm… that’s a pretty simple “lambda” indeed… hah!