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Medical Drama

A: “Looking over your resume I’m impressed.”

B: “Thanks.”

A: “Stage experience, some TV and even a movie, that’s nice. However…”

B: “Yes?”

A: “I don’t see any surgery experience.”

B: “Huh? Surgery?!”

A: “Yes, this is a medical drama after all…”

B: “Yeah, but… surgery?”

A: “We can’t have people cut into each other willy-nilly…”

B: “Haha, yeah, good one.”

A: “Hm. We do have some spots for patients though…”

B: “Eh, yeah, I’m not sure…”

A: “We’re shooting a scene right now… you could make a quick buck…”

B: “Touch me and I scream!”

A: “It won’t be many people around hearing that anyway…”

B: “I’ll call 911! I’ve got mace!”

A: “Ok! Ok! Listen… I usually don’t say this… but you and me…”

B: “Yes?”

A: “I don’t really see the chemistry…”

B: “I know, right? Like… poof nothing! Why is that? You know, like, some people… like… void…”

A: “Hm, yes. You know what… leave your contact information when you leave and we’ll see if we’ll get back to you…”

B: “Thank God! Yes! Bye!”

A Go Fuck yourself User Fucker Function

“…and the customer support section has a… quote-unquote user contact function… or as we like to call it in the business: a go fuck yourself user fucker function. Needless to say, you will not be disturbed by your customers…”
“Good, we have neither the time nor the personnel for that shit! They should just buy the products and be happy… and have no problems!”