The Talk-category contains a bit of everything that doesn’t fit under Creative Writing or Mindfulness and Productivity or Autism and ADHD.


The main category for Talk-posts is the Talk-category. The rest of the categories are:

  • Books: articles about books and reading as well as reviews of books.
  • Computers and Internet: with articles about computer science, the web, rants about OSes, some expressions of angst and hurt with regards to Linux Window Managers and the like.
  • Humor: with programming humor, word puns, and other things that are hopefully fun…
  • News: general, news stuff and uncategorizable articles.
  • Philosophy: with philosophical as well as metaphysical (read “religious”) meanderings.
  • Politics and Society: society, people, politics.
  • Psychology: could cover everything from mildly offensive pieces about the lacking psychology of this or that group to posts that also belong in the Autism/ADHD category (unless of course, the offensive stuff is likely a symptom of the latter…)
  • Recreation and entertainment: movie and TV reviews, maybe a few jokes, and other things that are entertaining and recreational…
  • Science and Technology: biology, evolution, computer science (i.e. a possible cross post with that category), space, climate science and other science.


The Talk-category has been the predominant on the talkwards-site (or in fact all my sites) for some time now. I post once a week (Tuesdays), short snippets, mostly humoristic, word puns or other cynic observations about politics (Trump) or people (Americans — I have to get over myself and start filling this one with some meaningful content! I’m not even from America!!!)

I think “rant” is the word to use for most of this… 😀

You can also read the general information about Talkwards here.

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