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Post-Truth and Death

Post-Truther: Death sucks! It should be banned!

Second Post-Truther: When the hell is the politicians going to get their shit together and ban death? I mean, seriously?!

Third Post-Truther: I didn’t know politicians could ban death! Wow!

Fouth Post-Truther: WTF?! You can ban death and no one’s doing it? What the fuck is wrong with you politicians!?!

Fifth Post-Truther: You will see my revenge comes next election!

Medicine without Science

M0010165 13th century trepanation. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Mail, Mediaeval surgeon trepanning. 13th century Serials /STU [Trepanation] : [image 5 from:] Operationsbilder… aus dem Laudianus Miscellaneus 724 zu Oxford. Karl Friedrich Jakob Sudhoff Published: 1914 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Medicine without science is as stupid as drilling a hole in your head… which, of course is exactly what they did…

As Long As we’re Allowed to Nag About Extremism…

“Do you have to keep nagging about extremism? Seriously, no one is saying they’re going to start concentration camps or anything!”

“Yeah, Hitler didn’t win the german election on a program of world war, holocaust and the total destruction of Germany… however, given that he ended up taking his life in a bunker, I’m going to say not even he knew the final result of his political agenda.”

“You’re talking about something that isn’t going to happen again!”

“With a little luck… at least not as long as we’re allowed to nag about the consequences of that kind of thinking…”

Five Stages of Climate Change Denial

Stage 1: There is no climate change.

Stage 2: The climate is changing but humanity is not responsible.

Stage 3: Humans are responsible, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Stage 4: There are things humans can do about climate change, but it cannot be done in our country.

Stage 5: Why the hell didn’t anyone do anything about climate change?