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The children will NOT save the world

Grownups are always talking about how the children will save the world. The only reason children don’t question that they are pinning their hopes on someone that isn’t even allowed to vote is likely because they are children… and possibly one or two among them are shrewd enough to realize that if they just nod in agreement, once they grow up they can pull the same fast one with their own children and then live their lives as they see fit with no regards to the future…

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Human Rights and the Speed of Light

The value of a human life is like the speed of light.

  1. It is always constant, regardless of the circumstances. And just like the universe bends to the effects of the constant speed of light, society should bend to the effects of the constant value of a human life.
  2. Just like the speed of light is the highest value for speed, the value of a human life should be the highest value.

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Giraffes don’t have fins

Why mankind is going to hell via internet:

A: This is a picture of a fish, it clearly have fins!
B: Giraffes don’t have fins!
A: It’s a picture of a fish!
B: What’s fishes got to do with anything?
A: They have fins.
B: Giraffes don’t.
A: We’re talking about fish.
B: Giraffes don’t have fins!
A: Right Giraffes don’t have fins.
B: See, I’m right…
A: Yes with regards to giraffes…
B: …fishes don’t have fins.
A: I give up.
B: I’m so cool! I’m so right! I’m so hot! I’m so bright! I’m so yeah oh yeah!