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No justice system should have a one hundred percent permanent punishment

If we put all moral and ethical aspects of the death penalty aside for a moment, I still land at this: For a one hundred percent permanent punishment to be justified in any way, shape or form, the least we should demand is a one hundred percent error free and fair justice system.

If you’ve been around people, other than imaginary friends, you know no one is one hundred percent perfect.

But that’s what a one hundred percent error free justice system lands in. One hundred percent perfect people one hundred percent of the time.

No witnesses getting things mixed up, no police mixing up evidence material, no lawyers with bad days. Not to mention, no forensic methods (2, 3) with questionable scientific value. Just to mention a few of all the places where justice systems can fail.

One hundred percent perfect people, one hundred percent of the time.

Or the death penalty should be off the table…

Unless, of course, the reasoning is that you have to accept some losses. A few innocent deaths are the price we have to pay…

And… if that’s the argument, why not just save all that money and apply it to the victims in the first place?

What’s the difference between a murder victim and an innocent person that has been executed?

Key events of the 21st century – Homework quiz

Future POV on the 21st century:

John’s mom: name two key events of the 21st century?

John: oh, the 21st… was that when they invented telepathy or teleportation? I always confuse those two…

Mom: neither… population reached its peak and fossil fuels were depleted.

John: fossils?

Mom: fuels…

John: what does fossil mean?

Mom: I think, like dinosaurs…?

John: they had dinosaurs in the 21st century?

Mom: I think it was a bit earlier…

John: like the 20th?

Mom: something like that…

Panic as Political Motivation

I am amazed watching right-wing extremists solving political problems.

It seems to me, it all starts with some kind of invented panic.

(I call it the “Ragnarök-on-Thursday-mentality… you know, next week: race wars and mass rapes… get a gun, this week!)

Once the perception that “the house is burning down” has taken root, any and all measures seem logical and legitimate.

After all, we’re in a panic. Catastrophe has struck. It’s the end of the world as we know it!

And the world has been ending this way at least since the 30ies…

I wonder if there’s a pill for that. A diagnose? A letter combination?