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As Long As we’re Allowed to Nag About Extremism…

“Do you have to keep nagging about extremism? Seriously, no one is saying they’re going to start concentration camps or anything!”

“Yeah, Hitler didn’t win the german election on a program of world war, holocaust and the total destruction of Germany… however, given that he ended up taking his life in a bunker, I’m going to say not even he knew the final result of his political agenda.”

“You’re talking about something that isn’t going to happen again!”

“With a little luck… at least not as long as we’re allowed to nag about the consequences of that kind of thinking…”

Children of God

Humanity: We’re the crown of God’s creation! We’re the children of God!
God: Eh… Right… I guess technically… Yeah, sure… you could say you’re my children… (Redheaded stepchildren…)
Humanity: Yay! We rock!
God: Sure, sure. Now go play civilization with the other sentient species… daddy is busy!
Humanity: WHAT!?!?! Waaaaaaahhhh!
God: Fiddlesticks!
Goddess: What did you do?!?
God: I told humanity about other sentient species…
Goddess sighs: We agreed to wait till they got older!
God: Sorry.
Goddess: My poor babies! Come to mama!

I’m going to totally dominate the packaging industry!

I’m going to totally dominate the packaging industry!

How? you ask… I’m going to test my packages before sending them into production!

I expect to become a packaging-baron within a few months.

Update: Well, with the exception of Tetrapack, though. They seem to know this trade secret as well…

Update 2: Shit! Did I just give away my competitive edge now?!

Update 3: Or is it that someone has all the patents in packaging so that everyone else has to do things ass-backward to not have to pay for the patent of “a package that can be opened”?

Ooooh! I think I’ve realized something fundamental about the packaging industry!

Five Stages of Climate Change Denial

Stage 1: There is no climate change.

Stage 2: The climate is changing but humanity is not responsible.

Stage 3: Humans are responsible, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Stage 4: There are things humans can do about climate change, but it cannot be done in our country.

Stage 5: Why the hell didn’t anyone do anything about climate change?