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Bad Google-day

While trying to figure out a simple way to convert solar radiation (W/m2) to average surface temperature, I’m having a particularly bad Google-day:

Me: Hey Google, how do I convert W/m2 solar radiation to average surface temperature?

Google: Want to buy tanning lotion? No? How about a SpectroRadiometer? No? Hey! I bet Wikipedia has the answer!

Wikipedia: Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! And then Blah! Blah! Blah and…Wikipedia Equation

Me: Arrgh! Show me your face and I will punch it!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know I’m punching above my mental weight class here but I have questions that need answers!

Automatic software or app updates not working on your iPhone? Fix it!

“Automatic software and app updates are most likely to start working when your iPhone is plugged in for long periods while remaining connected to Wi-Fi.”

Source: Automatic software or app updates not working on your iPhone? Fix it!

I’m wondering… how does their general personality affect the decision to update or not? Does their mood affect the decision as well? Hmmm…

Or is it just that Apple wishes to be mysterious about their update rules? The people writing about Apple products?

Seems to me, unless they hooked the update decision to a neural network there should be a pretty clear cut rule…

Unless the bastard is bugging out… I mean is having a bad day…