On Failure

Imagine a goal you wish to achieve. You see four different strategies to achieve this goal, but only one will be successful.

Given your knowledge and experience, you deem the likelihood of each of these strategies being the right one as equal.

The chance that you will pick the correct strategy on the first go is then 1/4 (or 25%), right?

Imagine that you start applying one of these strategies to the problem. Either you’ve picked the right one and you’re successful. Or, you’ve picked the wrong one and you’ve failed.

If you fail but get back to work on the problem again, you now have a 1/3 (or 33%) chance of success.

Your failure increased the chance of success.

Fail two more times and success is guaranteed…

If you fail, you’ve successfully found one way your problem cannot be solved.

Header image by Ramdlon, Pixabay, Link

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