National Soul

Do I believe in a national soul? Sure, I believe in a national mind too, and I believe a bunch of those national minds should visit a therapist…

Update: One of the problems with discriminative speech (I think the popular term is “hate speech”?) is that you’re not always realizing you’re doing it. The above comment can be interpreted as some nations have mental problems. Or in fact, since nations cannot have mental problems, it must be their population that does.

By using the wording “some nations” it can further be suggested that not all nations have this problem, opening the door for an interpreter to put their favorite hated nation into the “some nations need therapy”-column.

I wrote the above lines because they sounded funny. Now that I have contemplated them, I realize they aren’t that funny at all. Or perhaps it’s because the political climate is getting colder, and I was unable to detect the discriminative/racist interpretation before.

Regardless… right wing extremists: please don’t use the above words as a slogan! Everyone else, read some more on this blog and I hope you’ll realize that I might be mildly anti-American (hey! you need to hear that shit!) but far from racist or discriminative.