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The perfect melody

I can’t really put my finger on it, but I’ve noticed in the songs I like there is something in the melody that just has to be right. Some form of melodic conclusion that has to be reached or the music will likely leave me feeling like you feel when you’re about the sneeze and the it just never happens. I guess the word I’m looking for is “unfulfilled.”

Alihan Samedov’s Sen Gelmez Oldun is one such song. In fact the oboe like instrument does exactly the kind of melodic trip it has to do in order to become just perfect! I simply love that melody!


Sherlock Holmes times two

The TV shows Elementary, and Sherlock are two TV shows depicting Sherlock Holmes.


Elementary (2012), based USA and created by Robert Doherty premiered Sep 27, 2012. It takes place in New York, where Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is struggling with a heroin addiction with the assistance of Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), an ex surgeon and a sober companion, whose task, assigned by Holmes’ father, it is to live-in with Holmes in order to keep him sober.


Sherlock (2010), based in UK, created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, premiered Aug 30, 2010. It takes place in New York, and portrays Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) relation to his brother Mycroft (Mark Gatiss), as well as his friendship with Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), recovering from an injury he has sustained while in military service in Afghanistan (interesting how, more than a hundred years later, Great Britain is still messing around in Afghanistan…)

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ISO 8601, or not…

They always have great alt texts as well: ISO 8601 was published on 06/05/88 and most recently amended on 12/01/04.
XKCD – nerd humor at its best!

I think Sweden adopted ISO 8601 sometime around when it came. Before that we would write dates as day/month-year (that would be discouraged format number 11 on the image to  the right).

Then came along Internet Information Server (IIS) invented by an American firm you might now, called Microsoft. In the US where Microsoft lives, dates are written using discouraged format number 1, or perhaps 2, unless it’s 3 or 4, I never manage to keep track.

Most of the time it’s possible to just ignore the highly illogical way of mixing up days and months and years in the US way of writing things. ISO 8601 goes from larger to smaller, the old Swedish way went from smaller to larger, the US way goes from uh… large to smallest, to largest…

However, a project I was involved in a couple of months ago used some form of standard date widget in IIS (Internet Information Server, Microsoft’s Web Server) that used discouraged format number 1 above.

Now for the fun part. In my humble and naïve mind this should be a question of just setting a language setting somewhere in the web server to get it right. Apparently it wasn’t (!?) Instead everyone was running with the totally confusing US-dates. The budget did not have room for making the change, and it seemed everyone humbly adopted… after all, there was a “date browser” that could be opened pressing a button (first time it took a minute to open, but then it was business as usual). I’m guessing they used that function to get their dates, or perhaps I’m just an old fossil that doesn’t adopt well.

So the punchline (unless the previous sentence wasn’t punchline enough for you…): yeah standard until some guy comes along and wants it otherwise, and this guy has all the power… then it’s a (quote-unquote) “standard” and not a standard any more.


Violinists that are “crazy” – but good

Being a violinist means you have to be a sober, stationary person. Preferably a member of some philharmonic orchestra. Like this, right?

That you could behave like a rock star on stage is completely unlikely, or inappropriate, right? Or dance and play the violin? No way! True?

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Fear of the Dark piano tribute

In celebration of the Winter Solstice (the shortest day and longest night of the year – in the northern hemisphere), I’ve come across a youtube vid to get you through… and maybe even make mom and pop dig Maiden! 😀

Although, I’m not certain a Chopin or Mozart aficionado will find this overly impressive. Maybe it’s just as well to keep it hard rock and add some strings instead, like Metallica…

Or how about a … country/classical orchestra/”Celine Dionish”/”Mariah Careyian” version?

Those who think they’re not communicating….

I came across a quote some years ago. I wasn’t able to find it now but it went something along the line:

Anyone wanting to send a message in film should go to the telegraph office instead.

My spontaneous thought is:

Those who think they can open their mouth – or even stick their head out the door – without communicating something, are fooling no one but themselves… And the likelihood of these people communicating anything of interest is probably purely coincidental.

Winter has come!

Snow covered trees in Sweden

This morning the whole world was covered in snow! Very nice looking. Very bad for commuter traffic! But closer to Stockholm it was mostly slosh and puddles.

I just felt I had to share this picture since some Swedish winters are just so gorgeously beautiful. They say this winter will be! The weather service actually warns of -25 deg C this weekend! I get to use my “alpine” winter jacket! Hurray! 😀

I tried to make a banner from that picture even though it’s been taken with a mobile (that didn’t even show the picture in the gallery until I hooked it up with my computer… crap!) I should get my Nikon and get busy tomorrow, perhaps I’ll get a decent picture because the mobile version is not really fit for bannerism… :D!

Game of Thrones, season 2 – one month to go!

To celebrate there’s only a month (unfortunately a long month, but still) left until season 2 of Game of Thrones premieres (April 1, 2012), I’ve collected some trailers and teasers from youtube!

I like this trailer the most, it just has this… we’re-plotting-to-kill-each-other-feel to it, however these two are also very nice:

Game of Thrones Season 2 HBO GO Trailer

Game Of Thrones: Season 2 “Cold Winds” Tease


This year they’re travelling a lot to get to all the good places, like Croatia, Iceland and Belfast!

Game Of Thrones Season 2: In Production – Croatia

Game Of Thrones Season 2: In Production – Belfast

Well, perhaps I can spend the remaining 31 days (oh! actually more or less 30 days now!) reading the book and revisiting season 1?