Violinists that are “crazy” – but good

Being a violinist means you have to be a sober, stationary person. Preferably a member of some philharmonic orchestra. Like this, right?

That you could behave like a rock star on stage is completely unlikely, or inappropriate, right? Or dance and play the violin? No way! True?

Well, not so! Here’s Máiréad Nesbitt and Cora Smyth performing a violin duel at Lord of the Dance in Hyde Park:

If you think the woman with the longer blond hair (Mairead Nesbitt) seemed like she was ready to stage dive, you’re probably right. She does her violin numbers like a real rock star. How about this number from the live concert of “New Journey” at Slane Castle, Ireland:

Of course, what would a post about crazy violinists be without Lindsey Stirling? If you haven’t already seen her in action, I’d suggest you check out her channel on YouTube. Here’s a number where she plays the violin, and dances (!) at “So you think you can dance?”

If you think Lindsey look a bit like Zelda, it may be on purpose, and she’s also made covers of songs from the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones (although she doesn’t look like Zelda in the Game of Thrones cover!) There’s even one video where she plays the violin, dances, and sings (however, the backup dancers kind of reveal she’s not doing it at the same time… ;o)

You may be missing your favorite crazy violinist, but doing a YouTube search kind of showed me putting the words “crazy” and “violinist” in the same search aren’t that smart (uh, or on the same page?) so I added “crazy but good” – at least here it might make a difference 😀


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