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”The Planet Construction Kit” by Mark Rosenfelder

If you are writing a story that requires its own world—maybe a science fiction world in a strange galaxy far, far away or a fantasy world from another era—this is the book for you!

The Planet Construction Kit may sound like it’s all about astronomy and planets and moons, but although the book also addresses these aspects of worldbuilding, it takes up so much more. Continue reading ”The Planet Construction Kit” by Mark Rosenfelder

“Writing Fiction for Dummies,” by Randy Ingermanson

Timeless_Books_co2_1200pxWriting Fiction for Dummies” is written by Randy Ingermanson, a writer who has published six novels and received a number of prizes. In addition, he is a physicist.

It can be easy to be scared away because this is a “for Dummies” book. Maybe I’m a “Dummy,” but I like this book!

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The “Go To”-menu in Scrivener lets me find things in my huge project

I discovered the “View > Go To”-menu in Scrivener a little while ago and I’m realizing it is really making navigating a large project easy.

I’m outlining/world building on a pretty massive scale, so most of the time the binder has so many folders open if I were to print it out it would probably reach from floor to ceiling (the manuscript currently contain 1660 documents and folders, but hey, it’s a bunch of worlds, several bunches of characters and hopefully a bunch of books…)

The binder just does not work for this kind of project (I am fairly certain it will for a book project though… I pray those will be much smaller!)

Instead, I use the “View > Go to”-menu to move around the project.


Super easy to find what you want!

Although, it won’t bring structure to a chaotic project, so some order is possibly still needed…

Either you can go directly into the project’s main folders (bottom half of the menu) or if you have favorite documents or folders (top part of the menu) go into them directly.

Folders can be expanded all the way to the document level, but you can also select one to view in the active editor as a cork board, an outline or scrivenings depending on the editor settings (you may have to change editor mode to get something out of selecting a folder).

If you need to find your selected folder or document in the finder, you select “View > Reveal in Binder” or click the icon at the top of the editor and select the option from the context menu:


Notice how there’s a “Go To” menu here as well? It works the same as the “View > Go To”-menu, unless you’re in scrivenings mode. Then it shows the documents in the “scrivening” instead.

Scrivener 3 Update: In Scrivener 3 the “Go To”-menu has been moved to a new main section called “Navigate” and it has been expanded to include Collections. However the access to bookmarks (now correctly named bookmarks even in this menu) has been made a bit more complex in that not all

I’m putting up fences in the creative wilderness…

The Imperial Garden

Imperial_Palace_in_Kyoto_-_garden_of_emperor_library_-_bridge_2_co2_1200pxIt started almost ten years ago. I had an idea. Or actually I only had an image:

“The Imperial Garden.” An oasis in a giant metropolis, with climbing greenery, a waterfall, birds, and a lonely person, on a bridge.

It would be a science fiction story, maybe a little erotic too, or a lot? Or maybe a few fantasy elements? Mixes are usually appreciated – if they succeed…

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Backing up Concerned Files

Wolfram-Idea-Management-SystemI work with installing and configuring software products. The following “documentation” on backup procedures for an imaginary software system called “Wolfram Idea Management” came to me in the half asleep/half awake stage just after waking up, but kind of before realizing it has happened.

And, no, I hope this has never happened for real! If there is a Wolfram Idea Management system out there, any likeness to that system is coincidental even if per chance the following document could have been ripped out of that software package’s manual pages – then any likenesses are still just coincidental. I’m just that good! (No I do not work with a system called Wolfram… Although the phrase “backing up concerned files” do come from work…)

Wolfram Idea
Management® Software

Backing up concerned files

Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important!


The command is named “calli-fuckyou-fornia-dream.exe

For the long explanation read the below text.

Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important!

Please! Please! Please! Read the whole document before you backup the system!


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