Catastrophe Alarm the Samsung Way

So, I’m on the phone and it starts vibrating worse than ever, and I’m like: WTF? No indications or “popups” or whatever.

Then when I’m done talking the phone vibrates again, this time accompanied by the patented “worst ringtone ever”:

This time when I check the phone it turns out the Samsung Zone Alarm is warning about “ice and snow” in Stockholm.

That’s great to know, but seriously… THAT RINGTONE?

I mean imagine, people in floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and storms hearing THAT RINGTONE? Can you sue for psychological damage?

Ok. Snow storms in Sweden are OK if you keep off the roads and you don’t have the bad luck to get hit by something like “Gudrun,” that may, in fact, bring you off the power grid for a couple of weeks (if you live in the more rural parts of Sweden…)

Cover image: By Dave Harlow, USGS – CVO Photo Archives – Pinatubo, Philippines, Public Domain, Link

Rap sheet a mile long

When you say someone has a rap sheet a mile long, do you even know what that would mean if it was true?

“He has a rap sheet a mile long!”

“Did you know that if you tape together the pages of my bible it won’t even be 200 meters?”

“Would that be short edge to short edge or long edge to long edge?”

“Short edge to short edge, of course… we wouldn’t want the bible to come up short, would we?”

“But it’s okay to compare it to a rap sheet?”

Now, on the other hand. If we were to type the names of the ca 15 million people that died in Nazi concentration camps due to the decisions of Adolf Hitler on A4 papers, a name per row, forty rows per page. Taping them together the same way would make a “rap sheet” over 100 kilometers long! That’s over 60 miles!

And these are just the names. No room to describe all the crimes committed…

So, in conclusion, a rap sheet a mile long could be equivalent to a “mini Holocaust” with “only” 250 000 victims…

Image: By Infrogmation of New Orleans, CC BY 2.0, Link 1, 2