MS Outlook laughs at your feeble attempts to use it…

scornful-outlookNot only doesn’t it work, it laughs at you while you try using it… or well, it’s being scornful. I’m talking about Microsoft Outlook, that gave me the following comment (underlined red) when I tried to use it today.

So was the information helpful?… uh… I guess compared to faking that it can do the work and then tell me in about a week that sorry, I was just kidding, it is in fact helpful to get to know it cannot be done already on Monday…

Happy Monday!

Why the death penalty is wrong

anti-death-penaltyI’ve spent some time thinking about the death penalty and why it’s such a bad idea. Some of my reasons are:

  • People aren’t one hundred percent perfect one hundred percent of the time, and the death penalty is a one hundred percent permanent punishment
  • You can’t give life back to the dead, so maybe you shouldn’t be so eager to take it from the living?
  • Isn’t the death penalty just another kind of murder? And what gives the executioner the right to do something no one else is allowed to do?
  • You can’t compare murderers to wild animals in order to justify the death penalty because people aren’t animals!
  • Neither religion nor nature really grants us the right for revenge or any other way to kill someone else
  • Personal reasons and lust for revenge is not a valid reason to ask for a perpetrator to be executed–personally involved people aren’t even allowed to serve as judges or in any other official capacity in the court proceedings, the sentencing or the punishment (the term is “disqualification,”) why should personal reasons be used to demand the death penalty?

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Unity tip: Open more than one instance of a program

Clicking on a program icon on the Dash.
Clicking on a program icon on the Dash.

In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, using Unity, if you have opened an instance of a program, clicking the application icon for that program again will only select the most recently displayed window of that program.

Clicking again displays all windows of that program in a scaled down version (á la OSX 2000 or similar).

However, in order to open a second instance of a program you have to mouse-wheel-click on the icon (I’m only guessing, but middle-button-mouse-click might also work, left-right-mouse-button click does not…)

Another way to do it is holding down the Window-key and Shift while pressing the number for the application you want to open another instance of. Holding down the Window-button alone shows the numbers (but the applications on the bar are numbered starting with 1, but excluding the “Dash home”).

Violinists that are “crazy” – but good

Being a violinist means you have to be a sober, stationary person. Preferably a member of some philharmonic orchestra. Like this, right?

That you could behave like a rock star on stage is completely unlikely, or inappropriate, right? Or dance and play the violin? No way! True?

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