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Don’t play the game unless you know the rules

Dice.Don’t play the game unless you know the rules…

…which is much harder to do when it’s for real.

It’s not like there’s a rule book for… uh… dating (for instance)… or well I guess there are many but… you might as well bring a dice and do a Dice Man instead.

Anyway… don’t play games, real or imaginary, unless you know the rules.

Ouch, my eyes sayeth the sleep

“Uh?”, I say, and half sit while I rub the eyes out of my sleep.

Well… another accident by the keyboard. It is soooo funny when they just happen like that 😀 (can’t wait to read the draft, but I promise to make any more keyfumbles public)

I just have to say: Ouch! Especially if you do that to your sleep!

Come to think of it, sleep is a fairly strange visitor in our lives:


Winter has come!

Snow covered trees in Sweden

This morning the whole world was covered in snow! Very nice looking. Very bad for commuter traffic! But closer to Stockholm it was mostly slosh and puddles.

I just felt I had to share this picture since some Swedish winters are just so gorgeously beautiful. They say this winter will be! The weather service actually warns of -25 deg C this weekend! I get to use my “alpine” winter jacket! Hurray! 😀

I tried to make a banner from that picture even though it’s been taken with a mobile (that didn’t even show the picture in the gallery until I hooked it up with my computer… crap!) I should get my Nikon and get busy tomorrow, perhaps I’ll get a decent picture because the mobile version is not really fit for bannerism… :D!