Medical Drama

A: “Looking over your resume I’m impressed.”

B: “Thanks.”

A: “Stage experience, some TV and even a movie, that’s nice. However…”

B: “Yes?”

A: “I don’t see any surgery experience.”

B: “Huh? Surgery?!”

A: “Yes, this is a medical drama after all…”

B: “Yeah, but… surgery?”

A: “We can’t have people cut into each other willy-nilly…”

B: “Haha, yeah, good one.”

A: “Hm. We do have some spots for patients though…”

B: “Eh, yeah, I’m not sure…”

A: “We’re shooting a scene right now… you could make a quick buck…”

B: “Touch me and I scream!”

A: “It won’t be many people around hearing that anyway…”

B: “I’ll call 911! I’ve got mace!”

A: “Ok! Ok! Listen… I usually don’t say this… but you and me…”

B: “Yes?”

A: “I don’t really see the chemistry…”

B: “I know, right? Like… poof nothing! Why is that? You know, like, some people… like… void…”

A: “Hm, yes. You know what… leave your contact information when you leave and we’ll see if we’ll get back to you…”

B: “Thank God! Yes! Bye!”

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