What I Have Learned from Right-Wing Extremists

What I have learned from right-wing extremists :

  • All foreign-looking men with beards have lied about their age and gained access as underaged children
  • They attend ninth grade
  • …where they rape nine-year-olds (I am, however, not entirely sure how the nine-year-old ended up in ninth grade… it’s possible right-wing extremists think nine-year-olds attend ninth grade…)
  • They, the foreign-looking men, get instructions from the government on what to say and how to act to fool the government that they are underaged
  • If they are immigrants, and they scare you, it is a human right to deport them
  • Right-wing extremists would hate it if right-wing extremists gained control over our country so it is imperative that we immediately deport all immigrants… because the longer they are allowed to rape, pillage, and murder, the more people will vote for right-wing extremist parties…
  • We’re having a total system collapse… at the very latest tomorrow, hordes of different looking people will prevent fire brigades from saving children in burning houses, roads will crack and fall into black holes (possibly because there are so many different looking people standing on them), women will be raped (by the different looking people), race wars will be fought (with the different looking people), dogs (that probably aren’t different looking people, unless it’s suitable that they are) will walk on their hind legs and cats (are always different looking people!) will own stock portfolios, drink coffee with sugar and read the morning news (about all the evil deeds of the different looking dog people)…
  • It could also, all be the other way around… in any way, the world will be ending sometime tomorrow likely before lunch!
  • They, the right-wing extremists, also have taxi driving friends, from Somalia and Syria that have told them all this, so they are in the know! After all, who would know better about immigrants than other immigrants?
  • Rule number one for any form of political discourse is to identify the hopeless cases and pretend that you are deaf, mute and blind if they get anyway near you… or read a book… or feign epilepsy… or to be sure, all five at the same time…

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