At the same time in the Microsoft Office Product Managers’ Meeting

Manager 1: I have a great idea… You know how when backwards editing a text you find all these problems and such? I suggest we show the text backwards already, that way, surely our users will become world class writers?

Manager 2: Interesting! I didn’t even knew we could do that.

Programmer: We can do whatever we want!

Manager 3: How much will it cost?

Manager 4: Cost is irrelevant. Nobody can escape the Office any longer we can do whatever we want.

Manager 3: Ok, sure, but don’t we need some kind of budget or something?

Manager 4: You’re clearly new here. But sure, how would we do it?

Programmer: It’s easy, can be done in a week or so…

Manager 2: Then let’s do it!

Much more than a week later…

User: installed. got update shit this before cable networking the off chew didn’t he because dog my also maybe myself or you kill to going either I’m also, And You! Fuck Microsoft, Dear

Never gonna happen you say? You’re surely not a Microsoft user. Congratulations.

I, on the other hand, just had the pleasure of seeing an update (a shit update) rearrange the keyboard shortcuts. I shit you not, Cmd-Opt is now replaced by Cmd-Ctrl… and what’s worse, seems no one cares?! Great. Not that Microsoft ever was any good at keyboard shortcuts on the Mac … I guess they want me to buy a PC, so I’ll use Pages instead…?

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