Typical Support Case

Here’s how a typical support case works after my colleagues started checking out like flies in November and my idea that management thought knowledge was transferred via some kind of “USB”-cable for programmers’ brains turned out to be enormously optimistic—the predominant theory seems to be that knowledge sticks to the walls… I’m hoping no one orders me to lick the walls…:

Customer: The system is broken! What’s wrong?

After lots of research in non-existing documentation and uncommented code following the “unnecessary surgery” doctrine of Ghostbusters (this relates both to the term itself and the performance of the actors in the linked clip…):

Me: The input is wrong…

Three rules of self-defense

Here are my three simple rules of self-defense. They can be applied without any self-defense training, only using a little common sense:

  1. Avoid places and situations where you need to defend yourself
  2. Move away from places and situations where you need to defend yourself, run if necessary
  3. If someone surprise attacks you, parry/break free using whatever technique you have at your disposal (hit them with your umbrella!), then see rule 2.

If you feel this limits your freedom, use your vote to change the situation, not your life!

Covid-19 vaccine: Johnson & Johnson pauses trial after ‘unexplained illness’ – CNN

“This is completely expected, and it’s just a reminder how ridiculous it is to try and meet a political timeline of having a vaccine before Nov. 3,” Jha told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Källa: Covid-19 vaccine: Johnson & Johnson pauses trial after ‘unexplained illness’ – CNN

I must say that I am shocked at reality’s unwillingness to submit to political agendas!

Being Around People When you Have Covid-19

Being around people when you have Covid-19 is like being in a field surrounded by people, say 15 feet apart… and you pick up an assault rifle and you start shooting around you.

Some people, not too many, will get hit, and some of those people will die. However, the key question here is…

…what the hell are you doing firing an assault rifle in the middle of a field full of people?

Debate 2036

I’ve picked out my crystal ball and had a peek into the future of presidential debating. Here’s one from 2036…

Anchor: And that concludes the first presidential debate. Jim, what are your comments?

Jim: Well, there are three things I’d like to comment on. First the education reform. This has for a long time been a sore subject for Senator G’s campaign, but tonight we’ve seen some very firm language…

Anchor: Yes, he took a very strong stance.

Jim: Indeed. I’ve never seen him hit his chest that hard before.

Anchor: Or roared that loud…

Jim: Exactly. I think it’s obvious this will be one of the more important areas he will focus on going forward. Also the medical spending…

Anchor: That was ugly.

Jim: Yes, it’s a sad thing to see, but I think we all know in these kinds of debates it will, and have several times before happened, and it is indeed an ugly thing when any of the candidates start throwing feces. However, I can’t recall I’ve ever seen both candidates and the moderator do it at the same time. The usual sequence of things is that one candidate shits themselves and then starts throwing it around the room, and then, later in the debate the other one does the same. It’s only been twice, as far as I can recall the moderator has done it as well, and never at the same time as the candidates.

Anchor: An ugly record indeed.

Jim: Indeed. This is definitely going to be one of the more ugly confrontations in the campaigning. And the third thing I wanted to touch upon was military spending.

Anchor: I think we can all say it was good some changes were made to the venue ahead of this debate.

Jim: Yes. The electric fence really was a lifesaver here. I do not want to imagine what might have happened without it. I think military spending will be a very strong focus area in both campaigns and we’ll probably see, if possible, more severe confrontations over it in the coming debates.

Anchor: And there you have it; the first presidential debate of 2036.