Courtroom Drama with Psychics

Judge: It seems that, due to unfortunate circumstances, the murderer was, in fact, not a murderer at all.

Prosecutor: But he was successfully executed so I’ll put that one down in the win column.

Medium: I had a conversation with him last night and he gave me a message to read to the court.

Judge: Go ahead.

Medium: Right… asking permission to use profanity, your honor…

Judge: Permission denied.

Medium: Ok. So, there’s a lot of profanity and the message ends along the lines of… I truly regret you won’t end up where I am after you die… However, with a little luck, my request to assist at the Pearly Gate that day will be approved…

Prosecutor: Are the condemned really allowed to assist at the Pearly Gate?

Theologian: Not according to the Bible…

Judge: So, it’s fair to assume he’s in the other place…

Prosecutor: But the profanity?!

Theologian: It would appear he has a few plus points to spend…

Prosecutor: Oh.


P.s. If you didn’t think much about there being a medium and a theologian in the courtroom… I hope that’s not a reflection of the justice system where you live… and if it is… you have my heartfelt sympathies! D.s.

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