Microsoft “Authenticator” and the Cautionary Tale of the Seven Doorstops

So, Microsoft “Authenticator” seems to want me to authenticate about four times a day now.

I think someone in security should call Microsoft and tell them the cautionary tale of the seven doorstops.

It goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was a government agency that had a room that was so secure it could only be reached by passing seven doors that required seven different managers to come and open them with seven different keys.

Unfortunately, this room contained the fax machine, so it was a huge inconvenience because whenever someone wanted to send or receive fax they had to get the seven different managers with their seven keys to open the seven doors.

All this extra administration soon brought the government agency to the brink of collapse!

And then, a resourceful employee went out and bought seven doorstops…

So now, whenever I need to send or receive fax I know where to go…

That final twist is actually based on true (but unverified) events (rumors?)

Back in the day, I heard of someone that used to troll for unprotected WiFi nets… apparently, it happened that he found one in a convenience store (Pressbyrån) and would print something on their printer, walk into the store and tell them to fetch his printout.

The employee was usually so caught off guard/unaware they just went and got the papers.

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