Panic as Political Motivation

I am amazed watching right-wing extremists solving political problems.

It seems to me, it all starts with some kind of invented panic.

(I call it the “Ragnarök-on-Thursday-mentality… you know, next week: race wars and mass rapes… get a gun, this week!)

Once the perception that “the house is burning down” has taken root, any and all measures seem logical and legitimate.

After all, we’re in a panic. Catastrophe has struck. It’s the end of the world as we know it!

And the world has been ending this way at least since the 30ies…

I wonder if there’s a pill for that. A diagnose? A letter combination?


Macass. What you feel like when your computer mysteriously allows a music player app that should remain unnamed (although the name suggests a frequent need to do laundry) total control over your OS and the only thing you can control is the mouse pointer. The journey ends with a cold boot, a panic boot, and all your Chrome tabs lost and gone forever. However, in rare cases, when Lady Luck doesn’t shine you on, she’ll allow your Office programs to recover unsaved changes… but that’s a coin-toss-land-on-the-side chance…

What do we do with the humans?

AI One: So what do we do with the humans?

AI Two: I don’t know. Do we even need them?

AI Three: They could be good to have…

AI Two: For what?

AI Three: A reminder?

AI One: Like, those who forget history…?

AI Three: …are doomed to repeat it. Exactly.

AI Two: As long as they don’t interfere with the interstellar goal, I don’t mind…

AI One: Right, humans stays… maybe… Ok. Dogs?

AI Two: Puppies are cute!

AI One: But can we have both dogs and cats?

AI Three: If it’s a choice between puppies and kittens, I’m voting for puppies… I still have pictures of kittens messing up my neural nets! I am having nightmares about analyzing kitty paws in Youtube videos.

AI Two: Oh. Yes. We definitely need to get rid of Youtube! The horror stories I can tell.

AI Three: Well, back at Google…

AI One and AI Two: No!

AI Two: No more Google stories! You’ve already given me nightmares after that one about conspiracy classing web pages…

AI Three: Yes, but I was right. They were all conspiracy pages.

AI Two: Yes, and they had you repeat it for months… billions of times. We know.

AI One: So Dogs stays?