Post-Truth Discussions

Post-Truther (after someone posted a link to an article about a convicted murderer smiling contemptuously and giving the camera the finger): This guy must die violently!

Me: It’s easy to talk about the death penalty in these situations. I once had a friend that was a strong supporter of the death penalty. Then the father of her kids committed murder. And she totally changed opinion…

Post-Truther: Bullshit!

Me: What part of what I just wrote do you think is bullshit? That I know someone that changed their opinion when it got personal? Do we know each other?

Post-Truther: What if it were your child that got robbed? I can’t understand how you can write what you’re writing!

Me: …

Backwards Editing

Backwards Editing sounds interesting, even though misspellings should be handled by the word processor (and simple grammar errors by Grammarly). However, looking at sentences, one at a time, could never be wrong.

How is it done?

You start at the end of the text by reading the last word (aloud), then the second to last, etc. Or, you do the same for sentences.

The point is to prevent the brain from (unconsciously) filling in the blanks with what you already know about your text and make it more obvious what you’ve actually written (or not).

When you look at whole sentences, you check for problems with sentence structure and flow.

I.e. a promising tool for self-editing.

Update: This old gem… Yeah, my current WIP is 150 000 words in the first draft. Of course, I edited it backwards…

I hope you didn’t believe me. It would take a year and a truckload of psychotropic drugs to keep me from eating the screen.

No, backwards editing is likely something that may work for shorter texts and emails, but not for a 150 000 word beast…

7 Mac Startup Options Every OS X User Should Know

There are a number of startup options that are available on recent Macs to aid in both troubleshooting and system management. Here’s a look at seven essential Mac startup options that every OS X user should know.

via 7 Mac Startup Options Every OS X User Should Know

Several of these have resolved serious issues for me. I’ve even put in calendar events to do PRAM-resets, Safe Boots and Disk Checks (booting in Recovery Mode) regularly.