Burqa Bans

Burqa bans amaze and confuse me!

As far as I can tell we’re talking about a bunch of guys wanting to liberate Muslim women from being forced by a bunch of guys to wear certain clothes… by forcing them not to wear certain clothes.

Color me confused, but where’s the difference?

I’m certain all feminists are enraged about the fact that a bunch of men is making laws about what women are allowed to wear! Heck, that there are laws specifically about women’s clothes at all! Right?

I’m thinking like this: What if I was forced to flee (from Sweden) to another country. And in this country they were nudists… and my clothes pissed them off so much they decided to make clothes illegal…

Maybe I’d acclimatize enough to walk out the door stark naked, but if I was forced to walk out that door naked, I’d probably stay home.

If there has to be a ban, how about a ban on making laws telling women what to wear?

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