At the .NET product development planning meeting

How exactly did .NET become this horrible mass of non-related crap that it is? I’m imagining how product development meetings went down to get where we are today:

.NET User Group Relations Manager: Programmers are complaining that typos cause compilation errors.
.NET Language Development Technical Lead: Right.
Manager: We need to make it possible for them to solve this problem!
Lead: Sure. They can edit the files in Visual Studio… Even search and re…
Manager: No! No! No! We need to be more user-friendly than that… can’t we replace the typos automatically somehow?
Lead: Search and re…
Not So Technical Lead: Hey! I just had a great idea! How about an alias keyword?
Lead groans, shake his head and waves his arms while…
Manager: That’s great! How would it work?
Lead: Not so well…
Manager and Not So Technical Lead glares at him.
Not So Technical Lead: Well whenever there’s a typo, say someone types “clas” instead of “class”…
Lead: Oh, for the love…
Not So Technical Lead: …they’d just have to add the command “alias clas class” somewhere above that line in the code…
Manager: That’s a great plan…
Lead: Seriously!? With Intellisense they’d…
Manager: However, there’s one problem… Most users prefer to have this happen more automatically… would it be possible to add a spellchecking alias function?
Lead has an aneurysm and becomes a Python programmer.

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