The pain is the same, the causes differ

I just came across this tweet when trying to figure out if the #prewriting-tag really was what some people might say it is (it kind of was. I’d say it has two meanings; before writing a novel and before writing at all. But this is a huge parenthesis!)

My first reaction was to laugh and think; wow, I wish those were my problems, not these existential angsty things about doing something meaningful with my life and making my economy work out, especially the one after I retire.

Then I realized that my gut reaction is likely why young people find older people stuffy and dumb.

Of course, these problems are huge for young people. A few will even consider jumping off cliffs because of them!

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the pain is the same but the causes differ.

Something worth thinking about when you’re older and thinking about younger people’s problems.

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