Chemtrails, WTF?

Four hours after coming home from work: Find myself Googling chemtrails.

Fuck you ADHD! How the hell did I get here? You’re wasting my life, and what the fuck Asperger, did it really took you four fucking hours to figure out what the hell was going on? Get me out of here! NOW!


Ok, it started with me reading an article about Facerape. I mean who the fuck came up with that idiotic expression?

So I was thinking about comparing the relationship between Facerape and being raped live on Facebook with comparisons between the drowning accidents of immigrants on the Mediterranean with Auschwitz… (I voted against it, but they follow a similar pattern…)

That’s when I thought… can I find something about chemtrails here?

Wait… that was after I stumbled across this prophetic vision of the future

And down the rabbit hole, I went.

And now I am almost back. And fuck me if I got anything out of it…. other than the knowledge that there are seriously, seriously broken people out there in the world.

Here’s my message to anyone that believes chemtrails are a problem today:

This was solved decades ago. You should head over to Area 51. They give out cures. I think the government needs to update their mind controlling broadcasts to include this information.

Ok. I am kidding. There are no chemtrails, there are no Area 51 (except there are) and there are most definitely no governmental mind control broadcasts. (Ummm… if you exclude state-sponsored TV… but I’ve already excluded it—who the hell want that shit?—so… no mind control broadcasts for me…)

Crap! Two out of three… that must mean chemtrails exists as well? Right!

(4.5 wasted hours now… Aaaarrgghhh stop! Now!)

Header image: courtesy PxHere, CC0, Link

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