Levels of system maturity

The following is a list of system maturity levels:

  1. Pre-conceptual – no idea, no system, not even an idea that a system is needed.
  2. Conceptual – an idea that a system is needed, nothing developed.
    • Customer: We need a system that does X.
    • Management: What they really say they need is a system that does Y.
    • Developer: What is most technically feasible is a system that does Z.
  3. Not working – a system that doesn’t work, at all.
    • Customer/management: We have no system.
    • Developer: We’re working on a system!
  4. Almost not working – a system that works, kind of.
    • Management: We have a system!!!
    • Customer: We wish we had a system…
    • Developer: Hey! We’re not done yet!
    • Support: Take the system out back and shot it, for the sake of pity and mercy!
  5. Almost working – a system that works, in principle.
    • Management: Didn’t we finish this system months ago?
    • Customer: We have a system! On sunny days…
    • Developer: Just let us…
    • Support: Oh no! Not another update!
  6. Working – a system that works.
    • Management: That was long before my time…
    • Customer: Oh, yeah, I remember that system… didn’t it use to do Z back in the days?
    • Developer: Done!
    • Support: Hands off our legacy system… or seas will turn red with blood and dogs will sleep with cats (or is it lions with lambs… whatever!) Hands off our system!

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