The world did not end in 2012!

An hourglass with sand running out.Hey! If you can read this, the world did not end in 2012! (However, if you cannot read this there may be a bunch of different reasons… like did I pay my ISP? Is my ISP still there? Are your browser working? Is the cable in the … hey… why bother… if you cannot read  this then that’s it…) 😀


Congratulations. The different theories about the world ending was wrong!

Read more about them here.

So, unless the calendar calculations are off (guess what: of course they are… it’s gonna happen 2013, or 2021, or 2102 or 2031, or 1202, uh I mean… 2201…) we’re looking at a whole new year of new possibilities and opportunities. Have at it, knock yourself out, and remember… just because the world did not end in 2012, doesn’t mean you have infinite time. Do something meaningful before your world ends!

It’s been said, probably many times, but I’ll say it again:

There are two things in this world you have to do – everything else is voluntary:

  1. There will come a day, hopefully in the far future, when your days on this earth are over and you will die. This is something you can rest assured you must do.
  2. However you twist and turn in this world you must make choices. Even refusing to make a choice… is a choice.

Of course there are exceptions to the above two “musts”. Both of the pure biological nature – you must breathe, it’s not a choice. And there’s a bunch of other biological needs you wont be able to control with your will, or even strong drugs. Sleep is another one you won’t really be able to control with your will power.

Then of course theres the socioeconomical… you must pay taxes. I’d like to see you trying no to… or in fact, let’s not go there… just do it… 😀

Everything else (besides dying, making choices, breathing, sleeping and paying taxes) is purely up to you. As long as you know every choice made also implicitly means the consequences have been chosen as well.


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