The last special date in 89 years is right now…

As I said around three years ago (September 9, 2009) there have been some special dates since 2001.

Basically moments in time when year (ah well at least the last two digits of the year), month, day, hour, minute (well I guess seconds and milliseconds and so on as well) have been the same. E.g. 01-01-01 01:01:01… for first of January, 2001, one minute and one-second past one.

However, this moment… the 12th of December, 2012, is the last such moment in 89 years… When there will be 2101-01-01 to have… (January 1st, 2101) So why not do some partying! 😀

Okay, to be infernally strict about it, the party should probably have started say the first of January, year 101 A.D. Or how about years before then? But on the other hand, nobody knew it was 100 B.C. Because if they did, they’d been time traveling. Imagine then… some archeologist finds an inscription saying:

He died a hero in the … lords? unlordly? … year 189 B.C.

Then we’d know… time travel! 😀

Anyway, so then there’d be another party on February 2, 202… all the way to December 12, 1212…. Then I’m guessing if you’d be strict about it, the next big date should be January 1, year 10101 (10101-01-01).

Hey, how about U.S. dates… They’re typed as month-day-year, right? So …um doesn’t matter much, there would still be the same logic. If you really get off on dates, have a look here for a more thorough discussion of the topic!

Okay, anyhow… let’s go have a party! (I’m fearing not many girls will find the specialty of the date that appealing though hahaha!)

Header image: by Setaou_ on Flickr

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