The Orion Nebula (M42)

Orion Composite 1The image above represents a part of the Orion nebula (M42, Messier 42, NGC 1976), taken by the Hubble telescope and released November 1, 2006. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

The Orion nebula has a diameter of about 24 light years and is approximately 1 300 light years from the earth (about 400 parsecs). The nebula is the closest known area in the Milky Way where star formation can be observed.

The Orion nebula is the second “star” in the sword under Orion’s belt. In the picture to the right, it is extra bright.

Read more about the Orion nebula on Wikipedia.


Winter has come!

Snow covered trees in Sweden

This morning the whole world was covered in snow! Very nice looking. Very bad for commuter traffic! But closer to Stockholm it was mostly slosh and puddles.

I just felt I had to share this picture since some Swedish winters are just so gorgeously beautiful. They say this winter will be! The weather service actually warns of -25 deg C this weekend! I get to use my “alpine” winter jacket! Hurray! 😀

I tried to make a banner from that picture even though it’s been taken with a mobile (that didn’t even show the picture in the gallery until I hooked it up with my computer… crap!) I should get my Nikon and get busy tomorrow, perhaps I’ll get a decent picture because the mobile version is not really fit for bannerism… :D!