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The Heart of a Small Star

A: The Behemoth Class Battlecruiser is fueled by the heart of a small star, deep within the Colossus Reaction Chamber.

B: I see. So, is this star as massive as Jupiter?

A: It’s only the heart of the star…

B: So less massive than Jupiter?

A: Obviously!

B: So why isn’t Jupiter a small star?

A: It’s only the heart of the star…

B: So a blob of gas and stone then?

A: You’re not understanding at all!

B: According to astrophysics…

A has a narcoleptic seizure.

Why colonize space?

I think it is important mankind learns how to travel between stars and find new planets to colonize.


It would give our lives meaning beyond being a top-level predator.

If we were to go out among the stars and start terraforming planets, we’d use plants and animals from the earth, and all of a sudden their survival rate, in the long run, would increase manyfold.

We would be able to give back to other species for all the shit we’ve subjected them to…

Unless, of course, we started terraforming planets with life…

Isolate or Integrate?

There are two major approaches to dealing with continuous exposure to foreign cultures: Either you isolate yourself until that pesky foreign culture tires and go somewhere else or you integrate that culture until one plus one equals another one.

There are many ideas and theories about integration and perhaps very few good clean facts and answers, I actually don’t know…

…but I do know this; you can always ask any North Korean about isolationism…

…if they even understand that’s an issue in their country…

…and if you’re even able to contact them…

…yeah, you probably can’t ask a North Korean…

Mankind is doomed!

Raging Anti-Americanism in Future Religion?

State Senator Lynn Hutchings defense of the death penalty:

The greatest man who ever lived died via the death penalty for you and me. I’m grateful to him for our future hope because of this. Governments were instituted to execute justice. If it wasn’t for Jesus dying via the death penalty, we would all have no hope.

Yes. And Jews were involved, on a corner, in the execution of Christ, and because of that, Christianity has always been afflicted by raging antisemitism that culminated (we hope) in the terror regime of Nazi Germany.

So, if American executions would happen to produce a future religion, that religion would then treat Americans like Nazis treated Jews?

I have a proposal:

Fucking stop it! Now!