Saturn’s hexagonal storm

Did you know there’s a storm on Saturn’s north pole that is shaped as a hexagon?

So, what is this? Alien tech? A gate to hell? Are we living in the matrix? Did the Illuminati do it?

Here’s an example of how this happens in a fluid:

And here’s how a wobbly drill bit can create a pentagonal hole in a piece of metal:

It’s still amazing although it’s most likely not alien, the matrix, nor the Illuminati!

It could, however, be a gate to hell…

If you ride a spaceship in there, and you’ve been a bad person in life… you may go to hell… 😛

We need more money because we can’t plan

Three identical cases, no?

  1. Housing company; we need to raise the rent considerably because we have a lot of planned renovations to perform this year
  2. Power company; we need to raise the network charge considerably because we have a lot of old nets that need to be fixed this year
  3. Employee; I need a raise in salary because I have to buy a new car this year…

Why is it that only some people have to plan their economy?