The Orion Nebula (M42)

Orion Composite 1The image above represents a part of the Orion nebula (M42, Messier 42, NGC 1976), taken by the Hubble telescope and released November 1, 2006. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

The Orion nebula has a diameter of about 24 light years and is approximately 1 300 light years from the earth (about 400 parsecs). The nebula is the closest known area in the Milky Way where star formation can be observed.

The Orion nebula is the second “star” in the sword under Orion’s belt. In the picture to the right, it is extra bright.

Read more about the Orion nebula on Wikipedia.


I’m putting up fences in the creative wilderness…

The Imperial Garden

Imperial_Palace_in_Kyoto_-_garden_of_emperor_library_-_bridge_2_co2_1200pxIt started almost ten years ago. I had an idea. Or actually I only had an image:

“The Imperial Garden.” An oasis in a giant metropolis, with climbing greenery, a waterfall, birds, and a lonely person, on a bridge.

It would be a science fiction story, maybe a little erotic too, or a lot? Or maybe a few fantasy elements? Mixes are usually appreciated – if they succeed…

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Installing a mouse on Windows

After having tried to install a mouse (yes you heard me right, install a mouse) on Windows (now it makes sense, right?) I’m expecting to see a three headed dog walking on its hind legs.

Now, my mouse (my Microsoft mouse) was not supported by my computer (running Windows) so I had to rip the newer mouse from my Linux box and plug it into the Windows box, and after downloading, confirming the usage agreement (huh?) the mouse driver software installation progress *phew* started. After a lengthy stare period featuring a progress bar I finally had my mouse.


While all that progressed I plugged the old (“unrecognizable”) mouse into my Linux box and lo and behold, it worked the instant I plugged it in. (Actually, no I’ve learned not to “lo and behold” Linux like decades ago, it’s SOP for that OS that simple things just work – sure you have to choose your graphics card wisely etc, but hell, a mouse pointer…?)

But Microsoft’s OS is superior… that’s what the Microsoft aficionados are whining anyway.

Oh, and pray the gods you always have access to Internet or your supersplendidgloriousfinesuperior Windows will have to work without a mouse…