Improvisation Freeze Stuns Grand Central Station

When working with theater there are a number of different improvisation or acting exercises you can perform. The freeze is especially useful in improvised drama exercises.

I was once part of an exercise where half the group was parents and the other half was children. The whole exercise went on for a while and there was once sequence where we got to see the kids’ teacher being a nazi. As a group we decided to storm the classroom and … well I guess we weren’t going to lynch the teacher but before that situation came to its edge the exercise leader yelled FREEZE!!!

And we did. Although, not for as long as these guys does it.

Watch as improvised drama stuns Grand Central Station!


Lord Hoakz of Chaol Ghleann

Should I take the deal? Think about it! Becoming a real Scottish Lord!

Lord Hoakz of Chaol Ghleann!

Mmmm. Wow! Of course, it would cost me £24 per square feet! So it’d most likely be something like “Lord Hoakz of square foot 12789 of Chaol Ghleann”… (If you happen to be a lady or lord of that particular square foot, I can only apologize! It was an example! Let me know and I’ll change it to something else…)

The Chaol Ghleann in the Scottish Highland is selling of titles a square foot at a time. Apparently the initiative is to fund a restoration after a fire.

It seems the title is as real as it can be, and it seems it is legal as well. So much so the title is inherited by children (uh, or the eldest, mmm son?)

Anyhow, they have several different deals, even family deals with neighboring square feet (good for blood feuds!), but what strikes me the most is the “Electric Lord” package. Makes me think of some sex toy, but apparently it’s for last minute shopping…

Ah, well! Gone are the times when one had to chop off a couple of heads to get a title without inheriting it from daddy…

I guess, in the long run though, it’s for the best?

Hey! I can see a future for a “title market” where square feet are sold and bought. There should even be room for options and funds, maybe even A- and B- type squares! Wow! A competition to the Bitcoin! Indeed! But so much more inspired! If you ask me!

watch – Linux command

The Linux watch command is a nifty little tool that can be used when you want to keep the result of a command under constant watch.

Here’s a sample for watching the /proc/mdstat file.

watch -n1 cat /proc/mdstat

The “-n1“-switch tells watch to refresh every “1” second (“-n2” would consequently mean, “refresh every 2 seconds” and so on).

The “cat /proc/mdstat” is the command to keep an eye on. “/proc/mdstat” is a process file that displays the state of md-raid drives in the system.

Press ctrl-C” to stop the running command.

This is an example of “watching” the free memory:

watch -n1 free -m

If you add the “-d” switch, watch will mark differences between the runs.

watch -d -n1 free -m

And with the “-d=cumulative” switch the differences will be marked cumulatively between runs:

watch -d=cumulative -n1 free -m

You may also watch for directory changes:

watch -d ls -l

If you do not specify a watch interval (using “-n“) the default is set to 2 seconds.

For more info, see the manual pages for the watch command.

For watching files see the related “tail” command.