Monthly Archives: May 2000

Behind me is my future

I leave behind,
What I don’t want to leave behind,
My will,
My lust,
My very wish to survive life.

Until I realize they push me forward,
Pull to make me come,
The devils of my future,
The demons of my past,
Those who have chained me,
Those who want to drag me closer to the end.

The struggle to go on

The struggle to go on,
Go on and on,
I try to understand,
What I do when I win,
So I can do it again,
What I do when I lose,
So finally I might choose.

The urge to learn success,
Go on and on,
I grab my collection of burn-marks,
And burn,
Yet I can’t see the fire,
You try to teach a blind man paint,
I wish it wouldn’t be so much pain.

The need to explore all,
Go on and on,
I turn every stone in my way,
I don’t know how many bugs I slay,
I can’t hear them cry,
I can’t see them bleed,
I only know greed.

The pain in survival,
Go on and on,
Until you can’t go any further,
And when you leave the burden,
You leave life,
You leave mind,
All is left behind.